i saw this in the chapter Lambda Core in Black Mesa and i wonder why the hell someone would write the number 247 in their blood. Does it mean anything? Have i missed an easter egg? Is it a password? I’m very confused

it’s the order of the portals you have to jump through in the chamber ahead

Oh shit! I’m not lying that’s he exact order i jumped through after fiuring out that all the portals didn’t lead you to the same place! I was almost going to jump through 8 but on an impulse i jumped through 7

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This is probably my favourite track in any videogame. To me it’s full of hope, opportunity and contentment. It brings alive The Narrator’s words. I just love it so much

though i have to say, the tentacle in the blast pit nearly made me cry tears of frustration. i’m not good at throwing satchel charges and they’re so rare i kept relying on my strategy of ‘throw grenade+sprint+scream’ and die a couple of times while i was at it. but that made killing it that much more satisfying

the stanley parable is amazing

black mesa is amazing 

*swoons at the amazingness of videogames*

i just thought i’d tell you guys that i finally installed black mesa. i used a torrent this time and everything went off smoothly and im now doing black mesa inbound